BABAJA Agency Team

Iva Babaja Iva Babaja

ico-d Past President
Born in Zagreb, Croatia, Iva studied at the Hochschule für Angewandte Kunst in Vienna. She has worked extensively as a photographer, art director and freelance designer for major advertising agencies, publishers and cultural institutions. Iva is the founder and president of the Association for Promotion of Visual Culture and Communications (VIZUM) and has worked extensively on the organisation and execution of many international exhibitions and projects.

In 2007 Iva was elected as Vice-President of ico-D International Council of Design (previously known as Icograda), then as Secretary General Iva has advocated for Membership and Professional Practice issues, with a focus on spec work and best practices.
In 2011 Iva became the first woman to be elected and finish her term as President of ico-D.

She just finished her term as Past President in 2017 and is now the only female member of the Frmer Presidents circle. She is a member of Croatian Designers Society (HDD), Association of Artists of Applied Arts (ULUPUH), and Art Directors Club New York.
Her work has been included in exhibitions and publications both in Croatia and abroad.


Tomislava Cigić Tomislava Cigić

Executive Director
Born in Travnik on March 9th, 1974. After completing high school, Toma went on to continue her studies at the Faculty of Graphic Technology in Zagreb.
She has extensively profound knowledge of all printing processes, honed during her work experience at Hand design, Digital &, Unex Group.

As a team Iva and Toma have a lot of brilliant collaborations together, which prompted them to start the company together.



Darija Smole Darija Smole

Art director
Born in Zagreb on October 30, 1991 in Zagreb. Darija is our young force representing a strong millennial group.
She graduated from the School of Applied Arts and Design, Direction: "Design of Interior Architecture" and also the Graphic Faculty, Direction: "Design of Graphic Products".

She adores nature, reading and seaside, but her youthful smile hides a lot of mature thoughts.

"I am what you would never guess. And I did not do anything that could be said at first glance.
I am a woman who i sin love with nature, book, saeside and him."


Archibald McBabaja Archibald McBabaja

Security & entertainment manager
ico-d First Dog 
Archibald Mc Babaja was a true creative prodigy from the start. When just 2 months old, he became part of the Proximity/BBDO agency in Zagreb and followed on to become Entertainment manager at Unex Group where he spent 9 productive and creative years. Since he is the son of former ice-D President Iva Babaja, during her Presidential tenure he was acclaimed as First Dog of international design.

He is passionate about his work, his specialties include redesigning of boxes, furniture and footwear. He is also know to bark at bad kerning, making him an expert in typography and is devoted to maintaining good atmosphere and providing security to his colleagues.